Through Night and Day 2018

It follows Ben and Jen whose relationship is put to test as they embark on a trip of a lifetime to Jen's lifelong dream destination Iceland.

Through the Night 2010

Every night, around the world, couples fall asleep side by side, trusting they know what lies beside them. But tonight, in this apartment, something evil is about to show its true face.

All Through the Night 1942

Broadway gambler 'Gloves' Donahue wants to find who killed the baker of his favorite cheesecake. He sees nightclub singer Leda Hamilton leaving the bakery. When her boss Marty's partner Joe is murdered, Leda and her accompanist Pepi disappear. It turns out that beneath all the mystery is a gang of Nazi operatives planning to blow up a battleship in New York harbor.

A Spin Through Night City 2017

Description by Ken Jacobs: A Spin Through Night City gets many visual elements spinning. Only daughter Nisi working at our computer knows how difficult it is to get both foreground—rain on the cab window—and background -the city streets—in focus at the same time. The picture we see is deep but the pictorial source remains a single plane.

All Through the Night 2019

Mahtab goes to Davood's residence to find a trace of Davood Moradi, the last person related to his sister Maryam before his long sleep, to find answers to his questions.

Through the Night 2002

When poverty-stricken Korean-Japanese (Zainichi) discover there is valuable iron ore in the rubble of a destroyed shantytown they plan to haul it out for profit. Amidst this plan there is discrimination, war and an infatuation between a man and a woman, but like everything around them there and owing to the forces around them, there is as much chance that these may burn to ashes and be destroyed or be the beginning of something new.

Fighting Through the Night 2016

An unconventional activist epic, filmed in Greece over several years among the many refugees and amidst some of the mass demonstrations that have rocked the country. The film is at once an essay, guerrilla journalism and poetic portrait. It tackles the socio-political upheavals of a country that stands alone in bringing down the western neoliberal model.

Haven, Roaming Through the Night 2004

Nocturnal life in the partly deserted dock area of Amsterdam. Director Marjoleine Boonstra encounters lone wolves, leading secluded lives in makeshift shelters, and people that work as pilots, night watchmen or skippers. According to a young pilot `it was actually like a dream', working by the IJ river at night. And this is what it looks like: a dream world. Between interviews, Boonstra makes her camera glide through the area, along the quay, across the water, along cranes, containers and sea-going vessels. A world of lamps, reflections and shadows. In this landscape of stone and metal, an extraordinary group of individuals lives and works. For example, an English woman cleans up a submarine for a party, a refugee from former Yugoslavia has created a place for himself and a night watchman has to `see to it that that boat stays where it is'. Peaceful music emphasises the relative quiet, in which the interviewees reflect on their lives and the harbour.

To the Future through the Night 2002

Nick, a jobless cook, falls in love with Anna, a film student. Some time after their adventurous first night she leaves him. Then time starts to run backwards - for everybody but Nick. He finds himself in a backwards world, everybody talks, runs, eats backwards. He accepts the situation, realizing that Anna is bound to return to him this way. He wants them to live together, him forwards, her backwards...

Through The Night 1975

The play tells the story of Christine Potts, who undergoes an unexpected mastectomy, and struggles to cope with the aftermath and the deficiencies of her post-operative care.

Through The Night 2012

In this romantic drama, a chance meeting between two strangers brings a young punk named Jamie into an encounter with a beautiful but elusive kindred spirit named Fiona who shares her same feelings of loneliness and disillusionment, sparking an intense connection between the two girls in one brief but life changing night where Jamie reaches out for love even as she realizes that she will probably never see Fiona again. But in a world of chance encounters and missed connections, sometimes all you get is one night.

Through the Night 2020

When one’s sole focus is to provide for their children, the stakes are extremely high. The need for multiple jobs to make ends meet has become a common reality for many families in this country, which leads to a very important question: who looks after the children while their parents work? Through the Night examines the economic and emotional toll affecting some American families, told through the lens of a 24-hour daycare center in Westchester, New York. At the center of it all is Nunu, the primary caregiver and a hero to many families in need of a safe space to bring their children.

All Through the Night 2008

A charred visitation with an icy language of control: "there is no room for love". Splinters of Nordic fairy tales and ecological disaster films are ground down into a prism of contradictions in this hopeful container for hopelessness.

Proof Through The Night 2012

Oh Say, Can You See...? In the 200 years since Francis Scott Key first wrote those words on the back of a letter they have inspired millions. Told though the words of eyewitnesses and those who knew him best, this hour-long presentation tells the story not only of the song, but of the man and the beliefs that inspired it.

Journey Through the Night 2000

A man is travelling on a long haul express train journey from Amsterdam to Paris. He shares his sleeper compartment with another man who he engages in conversation. He learns that the man is a cannibal who intends to kill and eat him. The man is unsure of where his life is going and begins to be swayed by the cannibal's assertions that being eaten would give his life meaning and purpose. However, how long can the man stall for, with questions on the finer points of eating someone?

Mojados: Through The Night 2004

Filmmaker Tommy Davis tags along with four men from Mexico as they leave their families and embark upon a 120 mile journey across the Texas desert, evading the US Border Patrol and fighting off dehydration and hypothermia, ultimately coming face to face with death.

Through the Night with... 2002

Durch die Nacht mit … is a German documentary film television series produced by ZDF for Franco-German television channel ARTE. Locations are mainly in France or Germany. The title of the French version is Au cœur de la nuit. Two Celebrities spend an filmed evening together. One of them is the host who sets the location and the program. There is no moderator.